Self Storage Space Tips

Packing, Moving, & Storing Tips for Self Storage

Packing and moving your premises can be quite challenging. U-Store@SG is pleased to offer these tips to help you pack your belongings for a more efficient self storage.

Our Size Estimator will give you an idea of how much space you need!
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  • 1.Fully utilize all the space in your unit by making a plan as to how you are going to arrange your items. A good plan before you move into your self storage unit will save you the trouble of having to rearrange your goods later.
  • 2.Store frequently used items towards the front of the unit to avoid having to search for them later. Leave an aisle in the center of your unit so that you have a walkway to the back of the unit.
  • 3.Leave a small airspace between your stored items and the wall of the self storage unit for ventilation.
  • 4.Use freestanding shelves to help organize your unit if necessary.
  • 5.When packing boxes fill them up without making them too heavy to lift.
  • 6.Label all boxed items and keep a list for easy reference. Stack them with the labels facing outwards to save your time if you have to look for something in particular.
  • 7.Use wooden pallets or boards underneath furniture, boxes, and heavy items. This will prevent humidity from damaging them, as well as your goods from damaging the floor.
  • 8.Always put the heavier boxes at the bottom and the lighter ones on top of the heavier ones to prevent boxes from being crushed.
  • 9.Pack your self storage unit as tightly as possible. Closer packing helps to protect stored items from moisture and dust, and reduces the space needed to store you goods.
  • 10.The following are some suggestions for some specific items:

  • Pack books flat and not standing on end to protect their spines. Books are very heavy, so pack them in small boxes and do not mix them in boxes with other, more fragile, items.

    Store mattresses and box springs on long edges. Wrap them with plastic for protection from dust and moisture. Elevate off the floor by using pallets or 30 cm pieces of plywood.

    Disassemble tables, bed frames, etc. to save space. Wrap and label all pieces for an easier task when you have to reassemble them later. If possible store sofas on end and stack chairs seat to seat. When stacking furniture use carton pads in between the items to avoid scratching.

    Store mirrors and pictures inside similarly sized knock down boxes to protect them from scratches and dust. Store them on end and not flat.

    Group similar items together and use bubble wrap or unprinted paper to wrap breakables. The ink from printed newspaper may smudge and get onto your items. When wrapping smaller breakable items, tape it after you wrap it. This will avoid mistaking them for excess paper to fill the box. Stack boxes containing breakables on the top layer to avoid breakages.

    Have blankets, draperies and clothing articles cleaned, and then pack them on hangers in wardrobe boxes to retain their original shapes.

    To prevent rusting, rub a small amount of machine oil on metal tools, bicycles, and equipment. Drain and clean all debris from all equipment before you store them. Put all tools and hardware in bags and mark the bags accordingly.

    Clean and dry all appliances prior to storage. Store all appliances upright with doors ajar to allow ventilation and to prevent mildew. You may want to use the inside of appliances and drawers to store smaller items to save space, but DO NOT store food items as they will invite pests.

    ...and lastly, make sure to check your self storage unit regularly.